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Steps to consider when securing your home

  • Remove valuables from anywhere they can be seen from the outside.
  • Be cautious when allowing people into your home as it may give them the opportunity to scan your possessions and level of security.
  • Have an RCG locksmith check locks and advise on what needs to be updated.
  • Install good alarm system and advise with a sign or sticker.
  • Invest in bright outside lighting and sensor lights.
  • Ensure all dead locks and deadbolts are on all doors and locks, screens or bars on windows.
  • Use padlocks on gates and shed.
  • Have your locks rekeyed when you move into a new house.
  • Return your tools to the shed or garage when you leave to prevent thieves using them to gain entry.
  • Close the curtains in your garage to stop potential thieves seeing your valuable and when your car is gone.
  • Don’t advertise when you are going away. If possible have someone collect your mail, move your curtains etc to make it look like someone is around.
  • Invest in a small safe and have it professionally installed to keep your small valuables including jewellery, cash etc secure

Steps to consider when securing your business premises

  • Ensure Alarm and surveillance systems are well maintained.
  • Check window and door frames for deterioration.
  • Ensure doors are solid and sturdy enough to prevent break ins.
  • Check all locks and bolts are in working order.
  • Keep an updated list of all equipment on the premises at all times.
  • Keep updated records of the location of all keys at all times.
  • Ensure all staff members are aware of the process for locking up and securing the business premises.