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About Us

Bathurst Auto Doors is a local family owned business providing Bathurst and surrounding areas with a high quality maintenance and breakdown service for all automatic sliding and swing doors.


  • We have trained professional technicians to carry out maintenance and breakdowns.
  • Written reports are provided standard with all services.
  • We provide a regular routine maintenance service.

Preventative Maintenance

The purpose of preventative maintenance to your automatic doors is:

  • to reduce the likelihood of a breakdown that could risk the security of the property or potentially cause injury.
  • to detect any issues sooner rather than later, therefore saving money on major repairs that could have been prevented.
  • to ensure all safety features are working correctly, as safety comes first and is a big deal.
  • to ensure you are meeting the Australian standards.


Our trained technicians hold a wide range of inductions cards, including WPCG, Pegasus, White card, Security Licenses and many more.

Should you require site specific inductions give us a call to make arrangements.


For all products and parts relating to automatic sliding or swing doors please give us a call 0488 595 052.

Australian Standards

Are you aware that the following Australian Standards apply to your doors?

AS 5007 – 5.1.3 Inspection

E2.1 The automatic door assembly shall be inspected and maintained in accordance with the relevant procedures given in this standard and with the relevant manufacturers recommendations

E2.2 The frequency of inspection and maintenance shall be in accordance with the manufacturers instructions but shall not be at intervals greater than 4 months.

AS 5007 – 3.5.1 Door Signage

Changes have been made to automatic door labels to help aid visually impaired pedestrians

Labels must have a blue background with white arrows and text. The blue area of the label must be 150mm x 75mm high and shall not include any other text within arrow.

All signage must be visible from the sign facing the user at 1200mm – 1600mm above the finished floor level and as near as practical to the main closing edge of the door and not be obscured by the glass.